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Déraciné - Art Lead

During my time at Keywords, I worked as Art Lead for the team doing environment and props for Déraciné (From Software), a wonderful PSVR adventure. Because of the almost single-environment design of the game (all but one scene takes place in and around the school building), the only thing my team didn't build was characters and UI elements. Buildings, building modules, foliage, terrain, environment props, textures, shaders - with very few exceptions, everything you see walking through the game was created by my team and managed by me. I absolutely love the result and I'm immensely proud of the work our team did. Standing in the finished result is an incredible experience-of--place with the PSVR headset.

Brandon toomey school exterior

Déraciné - Schoolhouse Exterior

Brandon toomey gnarled tree

Déraciné - The Old Oak

Brandon toomey hallway

Déraciné - Schoolhouse Hallways

Brandon toomey deracine 20191017205558

Déraciné - Classroom

Brandon toomey deracine 20191017212701

Déraciné - Pond Bridge & Music Hall

Brandon toomey deracine 20191017215702

Déraciné - Chapel

Brandon toomey deracine 20191018132835

Déraciné - Pond Bridge

Brandon toomey deracine 20191018135504

These instruments (there's also a clarinet, violin, and piano) are played on screen, and the musicians were mocapped. I pushed the team to make sure these were accurate enough that the keys and pads matched the mocap data - and we nailed it.

Brandon toomey deracine 20191017213528

The clock guts of the school's clocktower actually move at certain points, and we put special care into making sure all the clockwork actually connected and worked the way it should. The result was fantastic.