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3D Printable Sculpting Work

When Forza 5 shipped in 2013, I was sitting on a pretty nice check from my overtime (we pulled lonnnng hours making it run on the original XBOne). I could have done something responsible with the money, and instead I bought a 3D printer. That dropped me down a bottomless rabbit hole of the world of maker-tech and 3D printing, DIY CNC machines, laser cutters, and more. The number of robots living under our roof - mostly 3D printers - has grown steadily ever since.

In my time between game industry projects, I run my one-person workshop, Imagineer Heavy Industries, where I design, sell, and share 3D printed tabletop gaming products of many kinds. I have also done a number of sculpting projects for other game companies, such as Miniature Market, Abbynormal Publishing, the Broken Token, Gateway Games, and others.

Brandon toomey gideon 2

This Mk V Land Monitor - the "Gideon Naval Rifle Carrier" - was created for the All Quiet on the Martian Front tabletop miniatures game, and was realized as a cast resin and white metal kit with more than 40 parts. There were multiple weapon variants.

Brandon toomey gideon 3

The Gideon was designed as a smaller sibling to the Human's superweapon, the Land Ironclads. The game was begging for a smaller supertank that could still go toe-to-toe with a Martian Tripod.

Brandon toomey gideon 1

Since later editions of the game were working up to European forces in addition to the original British Army from 1st edition, we designed German and French lend-lease weapons and engines as well.

Brandon toomey turbolaser 2

This turbolaser turret was created to be a cast resin kit for use with the various Star Wars tabletop games that are in print right now, including X-Wing and Legion.

Brandon toomey htsm red chef 2

Gateway Game's awesomely whimsical How To Serve Man is a worker placement boardgame about alien cuisine... with a touch of humanity. I sculpted six different 'chef' characters and this one was my favorite.

Brandon toomey assault tripod profile 1

When Abbynormal Publishing purchased All Quiet on the Martian Front, I ended up in contact with the new owners (who are only an hour from where I live!) and long story short, I resculpted the entire Martian Tripod lineup.

Brandon toomey assault tripod profile 2

The Martian Tripods went from a jumbled mixture of different, one-off models to a cohesively designed modular system of more than nine variants. The final set of models had over 100 parts and is headed for plastic injection molding.

Brandon toomey gen2 tripod the beast with skin as still water

"The natives named it in Salish. They called it The Beast With Skin As Still Water. You could see your soul and all your past sins reflected back at you in its hide when it stared at you."

Brandon toomey 67834579 2942708769079320 4262124827843756032 n

A Martian force of Tripods advances, on the All Quiet on the Martian Front table at GenCon 2019! Scout, Grenadier, and Assault configurations are in this photo.

Brandon toomey 67919001 2942708872412643 6550576466503925760 n

Steadied by the presence of a fearsome Gideon Land Monitor and its deadly 14" naval rifle, the tenacious Humans hold their ground in the face of the alien advance... GenCon 2019